About Philip

Philip works with people who feel completely overwhelmed by anxiety and have all but given up hope that it can ever get better than it is now.

They are often completely overrun by their anxiety to the point where they feel deflated, hopeless, helpless, and have no idea why it keeps happening.

Most of Philip’s clients have been people who have worked with psychotherapists, psychologists or counsellors in the past but still feel stuck when trying to move forward. Philip has taken trauma-informed training for therapists and has subsequently developed his own training workshop to help other coaches to work with trauma safely.

Why Trauma-Informed Process Coaching?

What stuck with Philip the most during his training was that trauma work didn’t just centre around tissues and tears, it touched the full spectrum of emotions including the use of humour and happiness, which until his training seemed impossible.

Having done a lot of his own trauma work and continuing to hire a Coach, Philip turned his attention to his own practice. His gift of being able to connect with people on a deep emotional level means Philip has helped clients achieve some incredible results such as reducing daily anxiety, having deep and connected relationships, excelling in their career, and improving physical and mental health and wellness.

Philip has worked with clients who are currently seeing a therapist or have had prior therapy for their traumas. As a Trauma Coach, Philip uses this understanding of therapeutic work and elevates it to the next level, which is helping clients design their lives in a way that is not dictated by their traumas.

Does Philip have a Coach?

Absolutely, Philip believes so much in the power of Coaching and wants to be the best Coach he can be so continues to work with his own Coach. Ever since his journey into Coaching started he has been working with a Coach. Coaching has literally transformed his own life from leaving the corporate world, processing his own trauma and redefining his own life on his terms, and now running his own international coaching practice. Why stop when the sky is the limit?

What is Philip’s Coaching style?

Philip draws from his therapeutic knowledge and Trauma-Informed training but maintains the future focused approach of Coaching. Coaching starts with looking at where the client is in their life, what they want to change, why they want to change it and how they want it to be different. At that point the ‘what for’ usually becomes clear and the process and healing work begins.

On the journey, clients will look back at their past to see where their self-limiting beliefs come from that are stopping them have what they want in the present.

If a client ends up unearthing completely unprocessed trauma, Philip will refer the client to a registered therapist for deeper therapeutic work but continue to work with them on the forward moving goals and objectives.

Coaching Options?

Philip offers a number of different coaching options to suit different budgets and client access to communication. He currently works with clients in 3 continents; North America, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Video conference – Skype, FaceTime, Zoom
  • E-Coaching
  • Phone
  • Face-to-Face

Who does Philip work with?

  • Men, Women, Transgender, Gender Neutral/Non-Binary
  • Teenagers
  • Young professionals
  • Established professionals
  • Retired or soon to be retirees
  • Any age, race, religion, background

To find out more and to book a sample session get in touch with Philip today and start your journey to healing your traumas.