Accountability and Celebration

Accountability and celebration are two of the most important parts of coaching. When deciding to work with a coach most people fixate on the end result but forget about the journey and relationship.

Going on a coaching journey is a bit like going on a road trip. While the end destination is where you are aiming for, along the way you may take detours, have to deal with a flat tyre or have unexpected surprises that throw lots of different options at you that you hadn’t even considered. This all happens with coaching too.

In order to make all that possible I start all coaching commitments by creating a partnership with you where we design how you want to be held accountable. Based on that we work through your goals and look at what the first steps are to actualising them. Over the course of our partnership celebration will be encouraged to mark each milestone as you hit them.

I am always looking to work with people like you who are interested in taking the coaching journey, even you have yet to decide on where they want the journey to take you.

Coaching is fantastic for helping when you are completely and utterly confused about what you do want.

Throughout the coaching partnership I will hold a safe and confidential space for you to process all the emotions and feelings that are coming up for you. It can get pretty overwhelming at times but know I do my own inner work to make sure I can hold that space safely for you.

Get in touch today to find out how we can partner together to help you achieve all that you have ever wanted and enjoy happiness and inner peace.

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