Possibility and Abundance

Possibility and abundance may not sound possible when you are thinking about trauma work but the sheer fact you are reading this article and are looking into coaching means there is a tiny part of you that believes in possibility; possibility that you don’t have to live with daily anxiety, that you are not going to be sad forever, that there is hope for happier and more peaceful times.

Abundance might be an even harder idea to believe right now when each day feels like a slog or emotionally heavy, but when you do your trauma work, one of the great benefits is that you lighten the mental load and allow for new things to be present like more happiness or simply to have hours, nights and days where you feel peaceful rather than on guard waiting for the trouble you believe is about to show up any minute now.

And when you lighten that emotional load things shift in all areas of your life including your relationships, career, health, and wealth.

One of the most amazing things that came from the deep inner work I did as part of my training as a coach, and I continue to do with my own coach, is being able to go to bed and not have 100 thoughts suddenly screaming at the top of their lungs in my head about all the negativity I was feeling or the need to be different from what I was at that time. I sleep so deeply and peacefully whenever I have those shifts through process coaching.

When you sleep better that immediately has an impact on creativity because now your brain has energy to use on thinking and actually believing in new opportunities.

What do I do during Process Coaching?

Process Coaching can sound daunting or like there are great expectations about what you need to do.

In reality process coaching involves having a safe place to say, feel and be everything you need to be in the moment. It can be messy too. The only thing you need to bring is your willingness to be open and to speak your truth. That’s it.

What I do as your coach is listen to what you say, and I mean really listen to it, and then I might reflect back what you just said so you can see what it sounds like, or I might offer a reframe that gives you an opportunity to see a different perspective, or I might simply acknowledge what you said and allow it to be in the space. That last point about allowing it to be present in the space can be so powerful just by itself because you know you are safe.


If you are interested in exploring what is possible and how you might be able to live in abundance please get in touch, I would love to talk to you.

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