Hold Me

There are a lot of formulas out there for the ‘Perfect Relationship’, however, many never even touch on building connection by asking for the most simple thing, to be held.

The request “hold me” asks permission to be allowed to completely surrender to the other person and be utterly vulnerable. It asks permission to take off any armour and melt into the arms of another person.

Can you remember the last time you were just held without words or movement?

Being held taps into all of our fears about being seen, being accepted and being wanted. You can’t rely on skills and techniques you have learned, you just have to be and receive.

That connection is so vital to our mental and physical health. Studies show that hugs provide a stress-buffer and regular hugs help with conflict management in relationships. Some studies also say that hugs cause an increase in oxytocin, which is the bodies feel-good hormone.

I know one thing for sure, I love all hugs – hugs from women, men, girls and boys. It’s good for me and good for them. Let me know if you need a hug sending your direction, I have an unlimited supply.

We all need hugs from time to time!

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