Process Coaching – Doing the Work

In the last video I did I talked about identifying the things you might need to work on. In this video I talk about how coaching can help that process. I use a personal example which I identified in my last video of my relationship with food.

The process of coaching can take many forms but one of them is:

– Allowing the client to feel the emotions coming up without needing to push them away or explain them

– Allowing the client to state what was true about that experience for them

– Helping the client to decide how they want to change their relationship to the thing they are processing moving forward

– Helping the client to decide on what they want their first steps to be in creating this change

– Being there with the client as they process any resistance that comes up to change.

– Offering the client reframing of areas of trauma to help them connect with it in different ways.

Fear around change when processing trauma might sound bizarre but often clients want to make a change but they are also stuck with the fear that comes from new change. This is where you get to see the layering that happens after trauma, which is why trauma work is not a do-it-alone, self-help your way out of it process. If you take that route you can often end up compounding trauma and making it more complicated down the road.

As a coach I do not have a magic wand and answers to all problems, what I provide is a safe, supportive space for my clients to explore their pain and trauma and feel the emotions. That is why it works. In this video you get to hear my experience of how working with my coach I was able to go on the journey of process.

I should add as a side note that in addition to the coaching session I have had and forthcoming sessions where this topic will be discussed, I have also allowed myself the space to let emotions come up as they need too when I am by myself. I have been journaling and being more conscious of what is coming up. What makes this process easier is knowing that I have coaching sessions coming that I can talk about them with my coach in our sessions. So often I find between sessions clients, and I will include myself in that too sometimes, will wait for sessions to take note of what is coming up.

Coaching, at least for me, is about bringing awareness to the whole of our lives inside and outside of sessions. This doesn’t mean looking to pick holes in our lives but to be aware of areas where we feel like things could be better and we want to spend some time looking at options about how they could be better.

Process Coaching – Doing the Work


If you are interested in exploring what your coaching journey could look like please contact me.

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