Raw Roar

This lion print is hung on my wall to remind me of my strength, power and imperfection. It is symbolic of many areas of my life.

The lion first became a metaphor in my coaching business back in 2018 when I was deciding what I wanted to stand for as a coach; strong, fierce, loyal, protective, and raw. A roaring lion head is my business logo.

But since this first association with a lion, it has become so much more to me. The lion now stands for how I am in all areas of my life.

Angry Lion

This print is called Angry Lion, which makes me laugh as it reminds me of how much I struggled to express my own anger. My anger was always shown as sadness until I found my ‘what for’ to do the deep inner work and really embrace that it was safe for me to be fierce and angry.

When I look at this print I don’t see an angry lion but a strong and powerful lion. One that will die to protect his pride and will fight to its dying breathe doing so. I feel very much like that with my family and friends.

I also see in this lion vulnerability and authenticity. He isn’t holding back as he roars. His mouth is wide, his roar is deep and it can be heard for miles and miles. He is clear in his message that he is here, to be seen, to be heard, and to be found.

This lion stands tall and I imagine has his feet planted on the ground, ready for anything. He is braced yet relaxed, ready to respond to any oncoming potential threat and ready to welcome new members to his pride that bring strength and add to the dynamic of the pride.

How I Roar in other Areas of my Life

In my personal life I am embracing my inner lion. I am changing my way of eating to be clean yet rich, and removing almost all processed food. I am also focusing on my cardiovascular fitness and physical stregth, things that I have not seriously made a priority ever before – I’ve dabbled here and there but never committed to it.

In my relationship I am learning to be raw, open, and to embrace my animalistic side; a powerful, strong and vulnerable lover, yet gentle and intimate. I am also loyal.

In my business I am also finding my roar. I’ve been a bit like Simba from the Lion King, as a cub learning to roar and all the squeals and crackles are leading to a mighty roar. I am someone that speaks to those who want to hear me be assertive, and am proud of my thoughts and ideas. I also listen to hear those who are calling out for my help, who are waiting for me to roar a little louder so they can find me.

How it affects my clients?

Clients look to me to be strong and hold space for them to be vulnerable and open. Creating safety is a big part of my work because the people I work with are sometimes opening up what feels like Pandora’s Box of emotions with often surprising emotions coming up for them as they process their feelings.

Process Coaching is about being in the moment and coaching can shift gears very quickly from supporting anger and pain through to happiness and joy, often moving between all of them in the course of a session. It is exciting, scary and being flexible is imperative.


I love working with people who are curious about who they are, are looking to go a little deeper emotionally and are open to change. If that is you and you want to find out what hidden potential you have get in touch.

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