Trauma-Informed Training for Coaches

Since I have started coaching I have found that trauma has been a part of every single client’s journey, regardless of what they initially hired me to help them with.

I believe it is our duty as Coaches to be trauma-informed in our practices, irrespective of the specialism we decide to focus on.

Before doing further trauma-informed training I was a Process Coach and wanted deeper trauma training than I had received during the coach training I had taken. To find that, I had to take workshops for therapists because there was not any specific training for coaches about trauma, yet it is something that is a part of all of our clients lives whether we work directly with it or not.

I liken the importance of understanding trauma as a coach to hiring a Sports Coach. A Sports Coach is working with clients to become physically the best they can be, but part of that process is the Coach needs to understand any trauma history (injuries) to take into consideration when designing training programs, as well as understanding the role of psychology on sports performance. In fact it is taken as an absolute minimum that Sports Coaches need to have. So if a Sports Coach needs to understand psychology and physical trauma when they are helping clients reach peak physical performance, why are Coaches not required to understand and ask about trauma to take into consideration as part of the coaching journey with us?

I decided after my trauma training that if trauma-informed training is not out there readily available and affordable for coaches, then I would develop it. I have partnered with one of the Facilitators who taught the trauma training I took, Trish Walsh, and together we have put together day-long workshops to teach trauma-informed practices that coaches can use immediately, from helping clients understand up to date theories of trauma through to how trauma is physically stored in the body and safe coaching appropriate ways to help clients release it. Trish is a former Coach turned Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (R.T.C.) with over 20 years of experience in therapy and facilitating trauma training. Together we want to change the scope of the work Coaches do with clients on trauma without crossing the ethical and legal boundaries into therapeutic work, for which Coaches are not qualified.

Currently we have 2 dates set for the workshops – click on the images to reserve your tickets:

Saturday August 8th 2020

Wednesday September 16th 2020

Tickets are on sale now. I look forward to seeing you there.

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