September 11th and Collective Trauma

September 11th and Collective Trauma

One of the most horrific dates in the last 20 years, September 11th, 2001. A date few of us that were alive then will forget and few that have been born since will have avoided the impacts of that date.

Trauma like this is experienced not only by those who were directly impacted but by those who witnessed the events from afar. That is known as a collective or societal trauma.

Collective or societal trauma is as important as individual trauma because it can cause us to be more anxious about how we go about our daily business. We develop unconscious coping strategies that do not always serve us favourably.

Talking about collective trauma can also be a good gateway into talking about more significant individual trauma, like grief, abuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences, etc.

Use this as an opportunity to start a conversation about trauma because like it or not, trauma is a part of living and if it goes undiscussed or healed comes up in much bigger, and often, overwhelming waves of distress.

If you want to start talking about collective trauma with someone feel free to contact me through this website or leave a comment below.

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