Top Tips to Improve Dopamine Levels

In order to combat the cortisol in your system as a result of stressors like trauma and collective societal anxiety, raising your dopamine levels is important as it helps with happiness and feelings of prosperity.

Top tips for improving dopamine levels:

1. Sleep – good quality sleep makes a huge difference to mental health and therefore levels of cortisol in your system.

2. Grounding exercises

3. Exercise – a simple as some home exercises and getting up and moving. This does not have to mean lifting huge weights in a gym, although that is also great.

4. Meditation – there are apps for guided meditations like Calm and Headspace but meditation can be simple as a structured breathing exercise. Check out my video called ‘The Easiest Meditation You Can Do’ on YouTube.

5. Food – nutrition is so important to hormone levels and dopamine levels. Best foods for dopamine improvement are dark chocolate, mixed berries, nuts and good quality protein sources. What goes into your system directly correlates to the quality of your mental health.

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