Using Collective Trauma as a Gateway to Deeper Trauma Work

When thinking about trauma work, it can be very overwhelming as you start to recount significant past traumas and you may have this desire to run and hide. You are not alone, it is super common and completely natural.

One of the ways I help people with processing their trauma is to start by talking about something traumatic but less intense. An example is collective trauma.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a source of collective trauma. Anxiety is on the up, people have fears around personal safety, anger towards their governments and generally are getting frustrated by lots of new restrictions that are being brought in. It is quite an emotionally charged topic.

By talking about feelings relating to the pandemic, it can act as a starting place for people to talk about their feelings openly for the first time in a less scary way because it is once we start talking about our feelings that the work can start on how we want to change those feelings. It is in talking about feelings that the healing work really starts to take place.

If you have a tendency to want to ignore past traumas or feel like you are not ready to talk about them yet, let’s have a chat about a collective trauma you do feel safe talking about. At the end of the day my wish for you is to help you do your trauma healing without retraumatising or adding additional trauma into your life. I also want to help you find your life purpose, which starts to become a lot clearer when you are not overwhelmed by your trauma.

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