Every decision we make has a trade-off. More often than not when we talk about trade-offs we are referring to negative trade-offs. Phrases like:

– I wish I had done X instead

– I was so stupid not doing X

– What a waste of time that was

– If only I had…

What if we look at the other side of the coin? What if we look at the positive things we do or have done and use phrases like:

– I am so pleased I did Y

– Wow, what a great idea it was to do…

– I got so much out of doing…

– I am really happy I…

If we look at the positive side of our decisions, it does not deny that bad things happen and sometimes we make decisions we wish we hadn’t. Instead it helps reprogram the mind to look for the positive trade-offs we are making so we are actively paying attention to them vs only giving energy to the negative ones.

Drop a comment below with some decisions you are proud, pleased, happy, or are grateful you made. I personally reply to all comments and enjoy reading what you are thinking and feeling.

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