Focusing on the Past takes you out of the Present

This might seem obvious but many of us spend our time fixated on the past and completely miss living in the present.

We fixate on how we should have done one thing and not another, on regrets, missed opportunities etc. We also decide that because of our past we can’t do certain things in our future. Things like “I am too old to start now”, “I should have started when I was younger”.

I remember talking to a past client who was coming up to retirement about life purpose. She said, ‘it’s too late for me to find my life purpose, I am almost retired’, to which I replied ‘so does that mean when you retire you’ve decided your life is over because last check average life expectancy is well into your 80’s, which is a good 20 years from now?’.

If we look at 20 years compared to how long she had been working, it was about a half of that time. I asked her ‘what were you doing 20 years ago and how many things have happened between then and now?’. Her response was, ‘yikes, I can’t even remember it was so long ago’. I followed that up with ‘so how’s the idea of having a life purpose now that you realise you have almost half of the time you have been working in front of you to choose what you want to do with?’.

Let’s just say the conversation became way more interesting with the new change of perspective. If you remain fixated on the past then the future never gets to be lived fully. If you learn the lessons from the past, then apply the learning to the future then the future has the potential to be really exciting and interesting.

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