Top 3 Tips for a Happy and Meaningful Relationship

Relationships needn’t be hard work and complicated. Getting the 3 top tips sorted will certainly help make the process a lot easier from the time you start looking for a relationship to actually being in one.

1. Clarity – What do you actually want from a relationship? All too often people are too vague about what they want which means they wander around aimlessly looking for love and never feeling like they quite find what makes them happy.

Big questions to ask yourself – do you want children? What values do you want your partner to have? What are your expectations and desires around sex and intimacy? Are sex and intimacy important to you?

2. Communication – Be clear on what you want and when things aren’t going to plan in the relationship. If you are talking to your friends about things that are happening in the relationship that you want to be different but not talking to your partner about them then you will start to build resentment that ends up festering in the relationship. These are the things that usually get thrown between partners during fights if a relationship starts breaking down so put the time and effort into speaking up when things aren’t going how you want them too.

3. Vulnerability – Vulnerability can be more scary than being physically naked but it builds in deeper connection and clarity about what you both want in the relationship.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding any of these top tips or want some more clarity on how to go deeper with any of them. I respond to all comments personally. And, as always, if you like this video hit like and subscribe for new content as it comes out.

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