The Ocean of Grief

One of my favourite metaphors to use for grief is it is like the ocean.

Some days grief is like a raging storm that comes out of nowhere and throws you in all directions, other times it is calm and serene.

You can be left feeling like you’re desperately struggling and it’s in these times it’s important to remember you might be struggling but you are not broken.

As people we are boats on the ocean and when the raging tides come we have 2 choices, fight the waves or batten down the hatches and trust the boat to see us through the storm.

Often when we feel the deep pain of grief we want to be the boat that fights against the raging seas. This can be utterly exhausting and much like a boat fighting Mother Nature, can have some pretty significant consequences where we end up feeling beaten emotionally. The hardest thing to permit ourselves to do can be to deeply feel our grief and let the waves of sadness be felt and know the sea will become calm again but now it needs to rage and feel pain.

I really enjoy helping clients who have experienced grief to know it’s safe for them to surrender and feel all they need to feel. It is in feeling our pain and letting it flow through us that the deep healing happens.

I hope you have found this short article helpful and/or insightful. If you have please do share it with others who might benefit from it.

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