Switching Energy Focus to Help Anxiety

About a month ago I was starting to feel my anxiety creeping back up and generally feeling pretty meh. I’d noticed over the weeks and months prior social media had become an escape when I was bored. I’d mindlessly scroll for 5-10 minutes at a time and I’d find myself feeling unsatisfied and fed up.

At about the same time I decided to start learning French using Duolingo. I never got the chance to learn French at school and now living in Canada I wanted to learn Canada’s second language, French.

I started taking lessons and immediately noticed I would get an endorphin rush from completing lessons. I decided shortly after to remove both Facebook and Instagram apps and instead turn my attention to Duolingo lessons when I was bored.

For the last month I have consistently taken lessons and noticed 2 big changes. Firstly, my French is getting better and more comprehensive. Second, my energy and happiness have increased.

Since deleting both social media apps off my phone I have logged on to my accounts once and haven’t missed the daily interaction with them at all.

I would encourage anyone who is feeling a lack of energy and excitement to try making small changes like I have and see if it has the same effects for them because it really can make a big difference in overall mood.

If you’re stuck for ideas on small changes you can make, please get in touch.

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