Hi, I’m Phil. I love to get to know people and provide an informal environment for personal development and growth through coaching.

I am a coach that believes in helping ordinary people change their lives to make them a little more extraordinary, however that person defines that for them.

I love working with people who are either at the beginning of their personal development journey, or are looking to expand on what they already have done. If you are dipping your toes into personal development and want to explore how accountability and championing work for the smaller changes in your life, and how those incremental changes have long term impacts, I am here for that.

In my own life I have made incremental and big changes at different stages of my personal development journey. For me, the smaller changes are often the ones that long-term see the biggest results. Here are some examples of small behavioural changes I have made – not putting myself down in front of others, learning how to communicate in intimate and personal relationships, and embracing parts of myself that I previously feared, like anger, loneliness, and fear of inadequacy.

It starts with getting clear on what I want in my short- and long-term future and working on the foundational steps to achieve them. I have my own coach and work with one because, while my coach cannot do the work for me, they do hold me accountable and provide support, which makes a huge difference in whether I follow through or give up when it gets tough.

I am fascinated by people and human behaviour, love small talk and getting to know people, and feel energised by real and open conversations. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and let’s talk. Due to Covid coaching is offered via video and phone at the moment.

Working with Phil as a coach felt like chatting with someone who knew me for years and years. Through deep listening and directly naming it as he saw it, I was able to see how my current challenges were apparent in other aspects in my life.

Chris H.

Phil has been an amazing help for myself in trying to explore and discover who I am, what I was into and that me, knowing me and standing up for it, mattered.

Ben S.

With his help not only have I quit smoking cigarettes, cannabis and daily drinking but I’ve joined two local sports teams and learned to accept my past. He has taught me to better deal with workplace and social issues despite their discomfort while helping me strengthen my relationships with family and friends.

Jordan K.

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