How Being a Trigger for Someone can Help Them

One of the most interesting parts of coaching and working with people on trauma is when people unconsciously choose to open up to me despite the fact that I may be a huge trigger for them. It could be my gender or physical appearance that is a trigger, yet still they start to share deepContinue reading “How Being a Trigger for Someone can Help Them”

Top 3 Tips for a Happy and Meaningful Relationship

Relationships needn’t be hard work and complicated. Getting the 3 top tips sorted will certainly help make the process a lot easier from the time you start looking for a relationship to actually being in one. 1. Clarity – What do you actually want from a relationship? All too often people are too vague aboutContinue reading “Top 3 Tips for a Happy and Meaningful Relationship”

Collective Trauma and Libido

Did you know there are links between collective trauma and changes in libido? For extended and prolonged trauma like the pandemic can cause a reduction in sex drive due to increases in cortisol, which is a stress hormone that gets released during stressful events. For shorter collective traumas it can have the opposite effect andContinue reading “Collective Trauma and Libido”