Sometimes we all need to pivot, be that making a change in our environment, career, or habits. 2021 was another huge year for me; moved house, got married, became a dual citizen, and saw my family for the first time in 2 years. All this change can be intimidating and scary (no joke there wereContinue reading “Pivoting”

Switching Energy Focus to Help Anxiety

About a month ago I was starting to feel my anxiety creeping back up and generally feeling pretty meh. I’d noticed over the weeks and months prior social media had become an escape when I was bored. I’d mindlessly scroll for 5-10 minutes at a time and I’d find myself feeling unsatisfied and fed up.Continue reading “Switching Energy Focus to Help Anxiety”

How Being a Trigger for Someone can Help Them

One of the most interesting parts of coaching and working with people on trauma is when people unconsciously choose to open up to me despite the fact that I may be a huge trigger for them. It could be my gender or physical appearance that is a trigger, yet still they start to share deepContinue reading “How Being a Trigger for Someone can Help Them”