I feel like I cannot relate to anyone I know

Personal development and growth can be a lonely journey at times. Find out some choices you have on this journey as well as ways to help when you are hurting. This is a life-changing journey and you do not have to do it alone. Accountability and companionship of a coach can help a lot during these times.

Anniversaries after Trauma

Create new meaning and purpose to an anniversary day for loss. Whether it’s grief, a job or relationship, losing it can suck and lead to an annual reminder of the pain and hurt. Except you can create a new relationship with it. If you are ready, get in touch.

The Time for Healing is Now!

It is important to spend time healing trauma because we are constantly having new micro and macro traumas added on top of the traumas we have already experienced. Without trauma healing it can feel extremely overwhelming. Work with me in a safe environment to see how coaching can be a part of your healing journey.