Top Tips to Improve Dopamine Levels

Dopamine makes a huge difference to our mental health from how we feel about ourselves to how we feel about others. With collective trauma and societal anxiety being high at the moment, it is worth investing some time in increasing your dopamine levels. Check out this article for some top tips.

Humour and Trauma Work

A common misconception about trauma processing is it involves sitting talking in hushed tones and crying a lot to heal. This can be part of the journey but does not have to be the whole journey. Humour is a hugely underrated healing tool and with the right client coach relationship can be incredibly powerful at helping a client get great shifts in processing their trauma. It is often the weight of the trauma that makes so many people never want to process it. If humour is available it can open the door to going deep into painful emotions that need to be felt to create healing for the client.