Switching Energy Focus to Help Anxiety

About a month ago I was starting to feel my anxiety creeping back up and generally feeling pretty meh. I’d noticed over the weeks and months prior social media had become an escape when I was bored. I’d mindlessly scroll for 5-10 minutes at a time and I’d find myself feeling unsatisfied and fed up.Continue reading “Switching Energy Focus to Help Anxiety”

Why are we always trying to fill the glass rather than empty and refresh?

We always talk about glasses being half full or half empty and how that’s a reflection of positivity vs negativity. What if you changed the contents of the glass from being something positive like optimism or attitude, to tiredness or pain? What if rather than focusing on filling the glass you focused on how toContinue reading “Why are we always trying to fill the glass rather than empty and refresh?”

Nobody Actually Needs Coaching

No, the title of this article is not a typo, it’s true! Now you might think I’ve lost my marbles saying that people don’t actually need what I do, however it’s so true because humanity was ticking along quite nicely without it until coaching became a thing. Instead we had mentorship and support from ourContinue reading “Nobody Actually Needs Coaching”