Top 3 Tips for a Happy and Meaningful Relationship

Relationships needn’t be hard work and complicated. Getting the 3 top tips sorted will certainly help make the process a lot easier from the time you start looking for a relationship to actually being in one. 1. Clarity – What do you actually want from a relationship? All too often people are too vague aboutContinue reading “Top 3 Tips for a Happy and Meaningful Relationship”

How to cope with Anxiety

Anxiety in society is at an all time high at the moment. Here are some coping strategies to get through the coming weeks and months.

Anniversaries after Trauma

Create new meaning and purpose to an anniversary day for loss. Whether it’s grief, a job or relationship, losing it can suck and lead to an annual reminder of the pain and hurt. Except you can create a new relationship with it. If you are ready, get in touch.