Working with Phil as a coach felt like chatting with someone who knew me for years and years. Through deep listening and directly naming it as he saw it, I was able to see how my current challenges were apparent in other aspects in my life. From this I gained incredible confidence knowing that I just had to be me the whole time. Since working with Phil my relationships with my clients, family and friends has drastically improved. More importantly, I feel like I gave myself permission to be just me. And having that feeling is priceless.

Chris H.
Vancouver, British Columbia

“Phil is a great resource for those in need of ideas and looking for fresh eyes on how to approach life, how to be true to yourself but also look out for yourself.

Phil has been an amazing help for myself in trying to explore and discover who I am, what I was into and that me, knowing me and standing up for it, mattered. I had come to him with a lot of confusion and in search of wanting to better know me and to better understand how I can be sure what I know of me is right, and Phil’s guidance has taught me numerous tools and techniques to approach life as it comes. Life is a learning process and an experience, and I believe I am now better equipped for it and its mysteries / challenges / rewards.

I always have appreciated our conversations, their deep dives and exploration into myself and even challenging the ways I thought. It was hugely valuable to have someone to hash these thoughts out with and who would give well intended, objective responses and ideas.”

Ben S.
Vancouver, British Columbia

“When I first met Philip, I knew he would be helping me with my life. We have worked together and when I had to talk he was always there to listen. It was when I started a new job with a very difficult and toxic colleague. I was quite a mess.

Philip was able to help me to navigate through life with his flexible and adaptable approach. However, the most important thing he did was to make me feel very comfortable and worthy. He helped me to bring me to a place where I was able to ask the right questions with my current life circumstances.

Philip helped me to find the best tool to overcome my anxiety. I have enjoyed working with him.

After every session I knew I had to go deeper in my thoughts and (re)discover something about myself, or (re)connect to parts of myself that had been missing.

I am more than confident in Philip’s coaching expertise. He knows how to listen, comfort. And his greatest skill is to be honest!

There is no doubt in my mind to recommend Philip as a Life Coach!

Rene D.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Reconnecting with Philip came at exactly the right time in my life. I had been unhappy with my career and life but I just felt stuck. I needed to make a major change in my but I just couldn’t get started. Through talking with Philip he helped me to set small tangible goals to help build momentum and gain confidence in my new direction. He was extremely supportive, great at listening and giving advice, and has a very kind heart! He helped to give me the feedback and motivation that I needed to make that big change and just a few months later I made a major life overhaul and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Philip for all your encouragement and consistency in making sure that I held myself accountable towards my goals. I will forever be grateful for your wonderful service.

Stephanie M.
Account Manager, British Columbia

“Phil is a great coach to work with because he is easy to talk to, and he has given me many tools to add to my personal growth tool belt.  Through process work, I have benefited from doing grief processing and inner child work.  Because of past trauma, I was experiencing anxiety.  Working with Phil has helped me to better deal with the anxiety. I would highly recommend coaching with Phil if you would like support and accountability to achieve your goals.

Holly A.
Teacher, Dubai, U.A.E.

“I came to Phil at a time in my life where I was aware that I was emotionally distressed and unable to cope with certain challenges that I was presented with. I was consciously aware of these hurdles that I faced but was unaware or even incapable of dealing with these issues. 

He was kind enough to start email coaching sessions to help me deal with said issues. Phil challenged me and equipped me with the tools to deal with this. He was able to break down in simple terms the mental and emotional blockades I had, explain my self-protective reactions that I kept having and teach me unlearn those behaviors. He gave me the tools to improve and get out of self-created emotional and mental barrier. He was also able to offer an optimistic outlook through his coaching sessions.

Ali H.
Teacher, Dubai, U.A.E.

“Phil and I were at University together and we Skype now and again now that he’s in Canada to keep in touch. I’d mentioned to him that I wasn’t enjoying my job and that I was looking to leave and we got talking about the next step.

I was seeing lots of jobs that my experience aligned with, however Phil was able to ask me the right questions and help me really think about what I want from a job. We talked a lot about mindset and motivation and it became clear that I needed more than just money and status from a job, I needed my values to be aligned with the companies.

During our coaching sessions and the resultant thinking in between, I realised I needed to work for a non for profit. Once this clicked I started to be more convincing in interviews and I’ve landed a job I actually want, can’t wait to start! I put in a fair bit of graft but I have to thank Phil for helping me think outside the box.

James O.
London, UK

“I first met Philip Hicks many months ago at Sierra Wireless where he used his life coaching education and founded a Mental Health Resource Group to provide support among co-workers. In addition, he was also volunteering and supporting student organizations and individuals. To meet an important societal need, he now focuses on working with men of all ages to help them to engage with emotions and positive self-image.

Recently, Philip worked with me personally as a Life Coach. In responding to my concerns about my professional and personal development, he seems to always have the perfect response and questions–those that empower me to fully understand where I want to be and how to move myself in the direction of my goals. He is totally open, accepting and an active listener. He has the most genuine desire to help others overcome obstacles to success and happiness.

After working with him in a professional environment and personally as a Life Coach, I’d recommend him to anyone. I’m so grateful our paths crossed!

Kathryn S.
Administrator, Atlanta, GA

“To anyone looking to grow or find direction, have you ever tried Life Coaching? Before I started working with Phil I had no idea what a Life Coach was or how I may benefit from having one.

I am a successful professional with a loving family and I felt as though I didn’t need to keep reaching because I was happy where I was. Though there was an occasional emptiness that I didn’t understand, I assumed that was normal.

Phil started by guiding me to my core values. And once we learned what they were it became clear that I was far from the best version of myself, both from what I brought to the table in life as well as what I expected the table to provide.

With his help not only have I quit smoking cigarettes, cannabis and daily drinking but I’ve joined two local sports teams and learned to accept my past.

He has taught me to better deal with workplace and social issues despite their discomfort while helping me strengthen my relationships with family and friends. He is continuing to help me complete a novel and setting new goals at each session.

My time working with Phil has been invaluable and I can’t thank him enough.

Jordan K.
Pharmacist, British Columbia

The best thing about working with Phil is how comfortable he made me feel to talk about anything I wanted too. No topic was off grounds and there was no judgement. Phil listened with patience and empathy to my problems and offered me invaluable insight by asking me questions that made me think about my situation differently. Together we were able to look at solutions to some of these challenges in a fun and safe environment. After speaking with Phil I would always go away feeling calmer – he offers clarity, realistic perspectives and hope. His openness to self-improvement along with his natural ability to connect with people is what makes Phil a great coach. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Sarah P.
Entrepreneur and Business Owner, UK

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